Enhance your practice with the Hygea Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner. Maintaining a clean and refreshing surface is essential to prolonging the quality of your yoga mat, while creating a pleasant environment to focus on those challenging poses.

Yoga Mat Cleaner

The 24 oz. Hygea Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner is a safe, natural way to keep your yoga mat free of unsightly dirt and unpleasant odors. Its refreshing formula is non-toxic and safe for daily use. Enjoy the soothing experience of organic aloe vera, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil in this gentle but effective yoga mat cleaner. Safely eliminate the smell of sweat, leaving behind the calming scent of lavender and chamomile. The 24 oz Yoga Mat Cleaner is perfect for daily use or deep cleaning yoga mats at home, or in a studio after each class.


Use the 3 oz Hygea Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner to keep your yoga mat clean and fresh on the go. Safe for daily use, the 3 oz travel size fits perfectly into any pocket or yoga mat carrier bag, providing a convenient solution to clean your yoga mat anywhere, any time. Don’t wait until you get home from class to clean your yoga mat, allowing it to soak up leftover sweat during your commute. Enjoy the refreshing scent of lavender after use. Clean your yoga mat on the spot with the 3 oz Hygea Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner, and leave the smell of sweat behind.


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