Wholesale Cleaning and Pest Management Solutions


Wholesale purchasing means greater profit for your business.  Purchase safe, 100%-effective natural cleaning and pest management products directly from wholesale supplier and U.S. manufacturer Hygea Natural™ to receive highest quality natural products on the market for the lowest possible price.  Eliminate the middleman or distributor markup by purchasing directly from the manufacturer for the most cost-effective wholesale product pricing to increase your bottom line.  We offer the most comprehensive selection of advanced, nontoxic cleaning and pest management products, lice products, bedbug products, janitorial products, vapor steam cleaners, and vacuums.


Custom Formulas at Wholesale Prices


We can accommodate your special requests with wholesale pricing advantages on the most technologically-advanced natural products on the market.  Our team includes world-class scientists and entomologists that develop safe, cutting-edge cleaning and pest control formulations tailored to your needs.  If you require an exclusive, proprietary formulation, or need a new product developed to comply with a requirement from the Food and Drug Administration, we can develop custom formulas with private labels with wholesale pricing. 


Worldwide Wholesale Customers


Hygea Natural™ has built trusted relationships with many clients over the years.  Many nationally-recognized and global corporations benefit from our wholesale purchasing, and we have flexible terms that help businesses expand their product selection and increase their revenue.  Our loyal worldwide customers span many industries, including:


• Hospitality companies

• Hotels

• Assisted living facilities

• Educational facilities

• Camps

• Institutions

• Correctional facilities


Wholesale One-Stop-Shop Business Advantages


Combine wholesale options with private labels and custom formulations, and you have a winning combination!  We really cater to our clients’ needs and are your wholesale one-stop-shop for all your product needs.  Business advantages include:

• Save money by purchasing direct from the manufacturer

• High-quality cleaning and pest control products at the best pricing

• Custom products developed without distributor costs

• Increased profits for your business’ bottom line

• No distributor or middleman markups

• Sell top-of-the-line products at more competitive prices

• Global shipping to multiple locations


Your Wholesale Partner


Count on our marketing experts to provide innovative manufacturing and marketing solutions that help increase your product sales and profits.  Our professional caring staff provides the resources to ensure your businesses succeeds, guiding our customers through each step of the manufacturing and promotional process.

We care deeply about our clients’ success, the people who use our products, and environmental safety.

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Hygea Natural is a world leader in environmentally safe cleaning and extermination products. Each cleaning or extermination product is put through a rigorous testing cycle to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

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