What is EPA Exempt?

Hygea Natural is a manufacturer and supplier of EPA Exempt products, but what does that mean? When most people think of EPA Exempt products, they probably assume that this means unregulated products with little to no accountability - but that couldn't be further from the truth! An EPA Exempt product is a product with active and ingredients that are considered "minimum risk" by the EPA, and therefore do not require the tough regulations that harsher, more chemical-based products do. While the EPA does not monitor minimum risk and exempt products on there own, there are still conditions that must be met in order to qualify.

Minimum Risk Pesticides

The Hygea Natural bed bug extermination products are considered Minimum Risk Pesticides by the EPA. A product is considered "minimum risk" by the EPA once it has been determined that using it presents little to no risk to the health of people and the environment.  Once it is decided by the EPA to be minimum risk, it becomes exempt from FIFA Regulation.  

How can I be sure the product is effective?

Without FIFA Regulation, consumers may wonder how guarantee the effectiveness of an EPA Exempt product. At Hygea Natural, we chose to create EPA Exempt products because we care about the safety of our customer's health and home, and made sure to work with a world-class team of etymologists to ensure we are creating the safest, and most effective products possible. Our products are top-sellers on Amazon, and used by professionals all around the world due to this commitment to the efficacy of our products. To learn more, check out our efficacy studies:

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