Our parent company Home Clean Home is NYC’s leading cleaning professional. Currently we are working with them on the front lines of the coronavirus with an innovative cleaning and disinfecting service for homes and businesses. Studies indicate that the novel coronavirus pathogens will survive for up to 72 hours on some surfaces. Everyone is doing their best at preventing the coronavirus from spreading through person-to-person contact but, protecting ourselves requires a comprehensive solution.

What is the Coronavirus

The global Covid-19 pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus puts many lives around the world at risk. The virus causes flu-like symptoms, but it is much more severe. It is characterized by a dry cough and an extreme fever that causes the sufferer difficulty breathing. The CDC recently learned that 80% of coronavirus-related deaths are people ages 65 and older. This group accounts for a total of  31% of coronavirus cases, 45% of hospitalizations, and 53% of the patients being treated in ICU. The biocide we apply during our coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting service acts as a continuous antimicrobial shield for up to weeks after use. 

Why choose us

We used nearly 30 years of experience to develop a coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting service to  protect everyone in ways that simply social distancing cannot. Many people will immediately drop groceries on top of a counter upon arrival at home, or use doorknobs throughout the day without washing their hands. This can put us at risk during a pandemic. Our 3 Step Coronavirus Disinfecting Solution is designed to combat unnoticed viruses and prevent them from occupying essential surfaces in the future by combining the use of potent disinfecting products and antimicrobial that last for weeks.

The 3 Step Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfecting Service

Step 1: After countertops and other surfaces have been prepped, they will be soaked in a powerful disinfectant for several minutes to make certain that they are coronavirus-free.


Step 2: Next, our highly trained professionals will wipe your disinfected surfaces clean.  In order to prevent microfibers from sticking and creating an unsightly layer of lint and dust the surfaces will be allowed to air dry.


Step 3: We apply our specially designed residual biocide, forming an anti-microbial layer to provide continued defense against dangerous germs for up to 3 weeks. The product is able to adhere to any material, such as glass, metal and even upholstery fabrics for tablecloths.

What to Disinfect

Our number one priority is to shield you from the viruses that might be lurking on surfaces you encounter every day. Our coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting service includes a treatment for all surfaces that are touched regularly, including:


  • Doorknobs, grab bars, and railings

  • Buttons, switches, and lighting

  • Work desks, counters, and tables

  • Toilets, sinks, and faucets

  • Drawers,storage units, an chairs

  • Coffee machines, appliances, and refrigerators

  • Computers, keyboards, and smart locks

Coronavirus Cleaning & Disinfecting Service Area

For almost 3 decades, the cleaning and disinfecting services that we provide have been protecting homes, businesses, nursing homes, and more from viruses. Our professional cleaning and disinfecting services are provided to the New York tri-state area, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and parts of Connecticut.

Get to know how we work

We use special products and equipments to perform the disinfection, watch the video bellow to see how we work:

Coronavirus Cleaning &

Disinfecting Services

What is Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) and how we disinfect it?

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