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The Hygea Natural Vinyl Mattress Encasement is perfect for heavy duty mattress protection. This highly durable, vinyl mattress encasement is sure to last a long time, defending beds and box springs from all the elements and keeping their fibers fresh and stain-free.

For the #1 defense against bed wetting, blood stains, and other spills, in facilities and institutions with a amount of high of people traffic the Hygea Natural Vinyl Mattress Encasement is the best choice. The mattress cover is also bedbug-proof, dust mite-proof, and allergen-proof. Use it to keep both mattresses and box springs clean and new for years to come.

Of all of our mattress covers, this one is left on the mattress and does not get taken off. It is simple to clean - if urine, blood, or other liquids come into contact, all you need to do is wipe it down with a wet rag. However, the ease with which the heavy 6-gauge vinyl mattress encasement can be cleaned is nothing compared to its extra-strength durability, and this makes it the ideal mattress cover for hospitals, summer camps, and nursing homes where bed wetting is common.


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