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September 27, 2019

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Manufacturer of Bed Bug Extermination Products

March 17, 2016




Manufacturer of Bed Bug Extermination Products:

Hygea Natural is an eco-friendly USA based manufacturer of bed bug extermination products specializing in custom manufacturing services for cleaning and pest control products. We are one of the only pest control product manufacturers in USA offering non toxic, natural, and green pest control products and solutions.


Our natural pest control products include:
• Bed bug treatment products
• Dust mite treatment products
• Pest management solutions 
• Lice treatment products
• Bedbug prevention products

We manufacture commercial, residential, and industrial green cleaning products including:
• Vapor steam cleaners
• Disposable coveralls 
• Janitorial cleaning product
• HCH Hot Stripper 
• Window Cleaner
• Heavy duty degreaser 
• Citrus all purpose cleaner & degreaser


We are a woman owned business that was founded by Nicole Levine, a single mother of 3 that emigrated to the USA and pursued the American dream. Hygea Natural was born out of the sister company, BedBug911, a bed bug extermination company, that was in dire need of a very specific kind of bed bug extermination products. Bedbug911 had contracts with medical insurance companies, and much of the clients required bed bug extermination products that were safe to use and inhale, especially for those with asthma. At the time, there were very few options on the market, and most which were not scent free or safe to use around those with asthma, so Nicole Levine hired a team of entomologists in world class laboratories and created her very own product, which she manufactures and is how Hygea Natural was born.

At the time, Ms. Levine created the product for her clients, but since the industry had such a great demand for her products, she became a leading manufacturer for natural pest control products and green cleaning products. In May of year 2015, Hygea Natural won the 2015 Exporter of the Year award by Small Business Administration for the bed bug extermination and pest control products she manufactures.

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