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Professional Pest Control Supplies

Hygea Natural is one of the leading distributors of professional pest control supplies. We offer wholesale exterminator supplies at competitive prices. No other wholesale pest control suppliers can compete with our flexible services and dedication to customer satisfaction. Our professional exterminator supplies are non-toxic, yet powerful solutions to pest control, that are in high demand around the world.

The Hygea Natural Professional Pest Control Supplies:


Hygea Natural manufactures wholesale exterminator supplies for every need. We offer an extensive range of both chemical-free, and non-toxic professional exterminator supplies for a well-rounded and thorough approach to pest extermination.


Our wholesale exterminator supplies include:

  • 24 oz  pest control sprays

  • 1-gallon refills for all products

  • 3 oz travel sprays for convenient carry

  • Pest eradicating laundry detergent

  • Lice combs, shampoos, and conditioners

  • Chemical-free industrial steamers

  • HEPA Vacuums to trap pests in all stages of life

As wholesale pest control suppliers, Hygea Natural carries professional exterminator supplies to tackle pest control from every angle. Our line of wholesale exterminator supplies is perfect for eradicating every kind of pest, including bed bugs, lice, dust mites, and more! Hygea Natural offers personalized services that no other pest control distributors can provide, making our professional pest control supplies the number one choice in the industry.



Wholesale Exterminator Supplies Services:


At Hygea Natural, we are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations, and offering services beyond what other pest control distributors can provide. Our goal as wholesale pest control suppliers is to give our clients the products and the tools that they need to run successful businesses.  Hygea Natural offers personalized support for all of our clients, working closely as business partners to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for everyone who invests in the Hygea Natural professional pest control supplies.


Private Label: We offer private labeling options on all of our professional exterminator supplies, so our clients can promote their brands and achieve customer loyalty with ease. Private label manufacturing is perfect for Amazon sellers looking to expand their brand recognition and grow their businesses. We can even develop customized blends of our formulas to your exact requirements.


Global Drop Shipping: Hygea Natural offers global drop shipping on all of our wholesale exterminator supplies, so that our clients don’t have to be limited to selling products in their local area. Drop shipping is a great way to save money on storage for large quantities of products as well.


Full Marketing Support: As a wholesale pest control supplier, our client’s success is our number one priority. We offer everything from product financing to assistance with developing marketing strategies to ensure our clients get the most out of our professional pest control supplies and wholesale services. 

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Hygea Natural is a world leader in environmentally safe cleaning and extermination products. Each cleaning or extermination product is put through a rigorous testing cycle to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

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