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Keep your practice space fresh and clean with the Hygea Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner. Made of natural, non-toxic ingredients, this all purpose yoga mat cleaner helps to assure that your yoga routine is a cleansing experience inside and out. Simply spray your yoga mat down with our spray and wipe clean with a damp cloth after every practice to keep it feeling fresh and new. Nothing beats working out or meditating on a freshly cleaned surface, and the Hygea Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner offers the highest quality clean feeling after even the most challenging, sweat-filled practice.


Gentle and safe enough for daily use, the Hygea Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner contains soothing organic aloe vera, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil for a healthy and clean practice space that is soft to the touch. Eliminate unsightly dirt streaks and the unpleasant odor of sweat, and enjoy a calm and refreshing aroma of lavender and chamomile. Available in both a 24 oz and a 3 oz package, the Hygea Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner offers a natural solution for keeping your space clean, hygienic, and pleasant whether you are practicing at home or on the go.


Don’t let the smell of leftover sweat distract you from deepening that pose. With the Hygea Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner, keeping your yoga mat in its cleanest state is easy. The non-toxic formula in our yoga mat cleaner will restore your yoga mat into tip top shape after each and every practice. Disinfect and freshen your yoga mat with a safe and natural product, keeping your practice space free of harmful chemical agents and distracting, unsanitary odors.

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  • The Hygea Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner does much more than simply clean the surface of your yoga mat. It can be left for several minutes to safely soak into any yoga mat that receives a lot of usage and wear and tear, providing a deep clean that will leave your mat feeling like new. Gently spray and wipe down your mat with the Hygea Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner after each use, and deep clean occasionally to keep your yoga mat in its best condition.

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