Hygea Natural Vacuum Cleaner is a solid and liquids function vacuum cleaner with action based on water for removing dust and mites. Its motor power is electronically controlled (three levels). This vacuum cleaner cleans the air by means of its filtering system with the patented RAIN SYSTEM water filter; easy clean with patented appliance. It is constructed only with top quality materials such as heat-resistant ABS. The user-friendly accessories provided are designed to meet pharmaceutical, hospitality, janitorial services and many other applications. No chemicals are needed, just plain tap water. 

• 20 Litres
• Compact
• No chemicals
• Industrial strength
• Safe for residential use
• Ultraviolet-ray system


  • Hygea Natural: 

    • Caters worldwide –  so our machines are available in 110 V, 120 V, 220 V, 230 V - we will cater to any geographical electrical specfication.
    • Can custom design industrial strength vacuum cleaner for you and even private label your design.
    • Offers drop shipping which provides cost-effective, inventory management solutions for businesses, distributors, and entrepreneurs. 
    • Will ship globally!

    We works with distributors – call us at 718-517-2227 to become a distributor today!


    Accessories Included:

    Our accessories can work with any machine you buy from Hygea Natural – they are interchangeable and adapt to our entire line of vapor steam machines.

    • Flexible Hose with Pistol Grip
    • Extension Wands
    • Joint Attachment
    • Floor Brush (multi-purpose brush)
    • Triangle Brush/ misc brushes
    • New Water Filtering System
    • Ultraviolet-ray System
    • Ensures Sterilization

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Hygea Natural is a world leader in environmentally safe cleaning and extermination products. Each cleaning or extermination product is put through a rigorous testing cycle to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

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