Private Label Pet Supplies


The Hygea Natural private label pet supplies are a surefire way to help any pet care business soar. Our line includes private label dog products such as dog shampoos and other pet products, all made of natural, soothing ingredients that any pet would love. The private label pet products services that we offer provides our clients with an unrivaled experience that will help take their business to the next level. Providing high quality pet care products has never been easier.

Private Label Pet Products Include:

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Private Label Pet Supplies

Our team will fully assist the clients who invest in the Hygea Natural private label pet products to ensure that we develop the most suitable products for your business. We offer assistance in the following areas:


  • Creating marketing strategies

  • Unique, proprietary formulas

  • Customized packaging and label sizing options

  • Global drop shipping

Investing in the Hygea Natural private label pet products means that your store’s most popular pet shampoos will have your company’s name on them, and keep your customers coming back to you.


One of the benefits of private label pet products is that it creates a specialized product that can only be found in your store. Instead of purchasing a generalized product that can be found anywhere, if customers want the product that they love they will have to get it from you! For this reason, we offer drop shipping on all of our private label dog products and pet shampoos, so that no matter where your clients may be, they still have access to their favorite pet products.

Working with Hygea Natural to develop your line of private label pet products means you will be investing in so much more than just pet shampoos. We care about the success of each of our clients, and we stop at nothing to deliver the best possible private label services. Hygea Natural does not simply perform a business transaction; we work directly with our clients to ensure that our private label pet products are bringing the most worth that they can to the business.


All of the Hygea Natural private label pet products are available to purchase wholesale as well as drop shipping. Give us a call for a free consultation, and see how our private label pet products can help your pet care business reach new heights. 

Inquire with Hygea Natural online or call us at 1-212-737-8212.

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