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Hygea Natural is a manufacturer and supplier of private label pet products in the USA. As a WBE certified private label manufacturer of dog and pet care products, we believe doing business on American soil is the best way to strengthen the industry and economy in the USA. Because we are both a manufacturer and supplier of private label pet products, we are able to provide much more competitive prices than even pet supply companies who outsource their business to foreign companies offering cheap labor, sometime even child labor.

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Private Label Pet Products USA 

The private label pet care products at Hygea Natural offers a full support service package, including:


  • Tech Support

  • Customizable blends of our formulas

  • Packaging made to your specifications

  • Marketing options

  • Drop shipping world wide

Because our business is so flexible, we are able to offer a wide range of private label pet products that best suit our USA clients as well as global client base. We are always open to negotiating contracts with US companies looking to partner up with a WBE Certified private label manufacturer, and strive to provide the best possible private label pet care products on the market.


For our customers who run online stores to supplement their businesses, we can also drop ship our private label dog products or other private label pet products, globally. Our goal is to expand business in the USA as much as possible, and we believe that being able to offer drop shipping around the world is a great way to bring foreign business and revenue back into the US, to counter balance the high amounts of exporting labor that American companies often solicit.


Our private label pet products are a great way for companies to build their brands and establish a rapport with loyal customers. Buying USA products means that you can strengthen your business while contributing to the growth of the American economy, and the Hygea Natural private label services make this quite a cost effective venture. To those looking to live the American dream, there is nothing better than building a successful business that gives back to this great country, and our USA manufactured private label pet products are the best way to achieve that goal!

Inquire with Hygea Natural online or call us at 1-212-737-8212.

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