First and foremost, exterminators and pest control experts can benefit from the Hygea Natural private label services by putting their labels on our proven 100% effective pest control products. Not only will this give you and your business a well put together and professional look, but you will be able to offer your own products to clients after treatment instead of those from a generic or competing brand. Because are products are proven to have a 100% efficacy, satisfied customers will be happy to invest in them after treatment. So why not sell them a product they love, but with your own logo on the bottle?


The entire line of Hygea Natural pest control and  bed bug extermination products are available for private labeling. If need be, we can even create a proprietary blend of any of our formulas to your specifications, so your products will be as unique as your business. 


Our entire product line includes:


24 oz Spray

1 gallon Refill

3 oz Travel Spray

32 oz Laundry Detergent

Disposable Coveralls

Steam Machine For Extermination


Private Label Pest Control Products for Amazon


Private labeling pest control products with Hygea Natural is an effective strategy for sellers on Amazon or other online retailers. Adding your products to an e-commerce site means your products and brand can reach a global market. Taking advantage of our drop shipping services gives your private label pest control products even more value, as you won't have to worry about finding the space or creating a budget to warehouse large amounts of product for your online store. 


Private Label Pest Control Products for Hotels


For hotels, pest control requires a lot of preventative maintenance. The benefits of providing your staff with the Hygea Natural private label pest control products are twofold. On one hand, your staff can easily spray down rooms with our non-toxic pest control products during each turnover to stop infestations before they start. On the other, putting your own label on our products means you control what your customers see, so no body panics at the sight of extermination supplies. 


 As with all of our products, the Hygea Natural private label pest control products come equip with our full marketing support, wholesale, drop shipping, and proprietary blend options. Take advantage of our flexible and personalizes services, and you'll be taking your business to the next level.

Private Label Pest Control Products

Private Label Pest Control Products

Create your very own brand with our private label pest control products services. Put your label on our products, or create a product of your own based on your unique specifications. Our pest control supplies are natural, safe to use, and non-toxic. 

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The Hygea Natural private label pest control products are the perfect way to sell a top selling extermination product while expanding your brand recognition. Private label pest control products are a great idea for a variety of businesses and industries. The benefits are numerous, and with pest control products becoming a commonly found household item, putting your own brand on the label is the perfect way to build customer loyalty and make your business stand out!

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