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Private Label Mattress Cover

Create your very own brand with our private label mattress cover and pillow covers. Put your label on our products, or create a product of your own based on your unique specifications. 
Premium Pillow Cover
Bed Bug Mattress Cover

Mattress Encasement

The Hygea Natural private label mattress encasement should be in every home goods store’s inventory. The perfect addition to any growing business, our private label mattress protectors are versatile products that serve many purposes. Those who have already invested in the Hygea Natural private label extermination line will definitely want to carry our private label bed bug mattress protector as an add on to maximize their units per sale. Professional exterminators can offer our bed bug mattress protector to their clients as the perfect aftercare following bed bug treatment. Businesses who retail our cleaning products can pitch our private label mattress encasement as an efficient way to protect against stains. 


Putting your own company’s name or logo onto the Hygea Natural mattress cover has the potential to take your business to new heights. Even online retailers can reap the benefits of keeping our private label mattress protectors in their inventory. Besides, your customers will be much more loyal to your business once they see that your brand is one they can trust, and our products are sure to produce high customer satisfaction. Instead of going through the trouble of designing and manufacturing a product from scratch, with no guarantee of its satisfaction rate, put your logo on the Hygea Natural private label mattress encasement and let our products do the work for you.

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