Private Label Products

Private Label Lice Products

Create your very own brand with our private label lice products. You can also customize products based on your individual needs. We also offer R&D help create your very own proprietary formula.
Lice Mousse
Lice Repellent
Lice Comb with 5x Magnifiyer
Lice Treatment Shampoo

The Hygea Natural private label lice products are perfect for lice treatment salons to offer to their customers for follow up treatment. As experts in environmentally friendly pest control, we specialize in offering formulas that contain effective yet soothing ingredients. Your customers are sure to love our products, which will be a great selling point when discussing the importance of continued lice treatment at home. Instead of advertising someone else’s product at the checkout counter, why not push your own?

Private Label Lice Products

Have a product that you want to create?

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Adding your own personal brand or logo to the Hygea Natural lice treatment products will give your salon the ability to grow beyond its four walls. Plus, your customers will be quite impressed that you stock your own products. After experiencing how successful your services are, they will no doubt trust your products more than the next guy’s, and even recommend them to friends! Carrying your own private label lice products means you can expand your business via online sales. Hygea Natural makes private label expansion easy with our global drop shipping services!

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