Private Label Dog Products

The Hygea Natural private label dog products are a great investment for online retailers, groomers, pet stores, bloggers, and those interested in creating their own brand. Carrying our private label dog products will give pet industry businesses the ability to solidify their brands and stand out from the competition. Private labeling is a growing trend in all retail industries, and the pet industry should be no different! With so many personalized services in the pet industry, it only makes sense to have a personalized product for your business, too. We offer private label dog shampoo and stain and odor remover.

Private Label Dog Products Include:

Pet Stain &
Odor Remover

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Private Label Dog Products

Pet groomers, online retailers, and pet stores would more than likely be most interested in our private label pet shampoo. It is not uncommon for a client to want to purchase a product used by a groomer or care taker. Carrying a private label pet shampoo by Hygea Natural gives the added effect of having the client take your logo and company name home, too. In this way, our private label pet products allow pet care businesses to expand their client base and become more recognizable to the public.


There are a number of benefit of our private label dog shampoo. By keeping shampoo in stock for sale, the products can be added on to any care packaged purchased by a client. Many pet stores offer grooming services for dogs and other pets, our private label dog shampoo is just the thing to get the most profit out of a service package. Dog trainers can also offer our private label dog products, with their own personalized logo, as starter kits to celebrate a dog’s graduation day when training has been completed. Private label pet products make great additions to pet care blogs and online stores such as those found on Amazon as well, because they serve as both a marketing tool and a means to generate revenue for the business.


Every type of business or entrepreneur in the pet industry has the ability to gain great advantages from carrying the Hygea Natural private label dog products. As a manufacturer and supplier, we are able to provide our clients with private label pet products and services at the lowest possible cost, which means the highest possible profits for them! We offer wholesale options at a variety of scales, and we can drop ship our products anywhere in the world as a convenient service for online retailers. Purchasing private label dog products through Hygea Natural is more than just a simple business transaction; we gear our services to be fully supportive of our clients and all of their business’s needs. 

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