As one of the leading private brand manufacturers, we pride ourselves at Hygea Natural in being able to supply our clients with the best possible private label cleaning products and services on the market. Whether you are looking to fully stock a corporate chain store, or looking to add a few items to your Amazon online shop, the Hygea Natural non toxic cleaning products will take your private brand to the next level. We maintain flexibility during the product development process to make sure that we can best meet the needs of you and your business.

Our private label natural cleaning products range from simple all purpose cleaners to heavy duty household supplies. The Hygea Natural private label cleaning products are green and eco-friendly, a great investment for any business in the effort to reduce its carbon footprint. To top it off, our private label household cleaning products are safe to use around children and pets, giving your private brand a reputation that your customers can trust.

We offer full support to our clients for all of our private label cleaning products, including drop shipping, packaging, and marketing assistance. Our dedication to your success as a private brand is what makes Hygea Natural stand out from other private brand manufacturers. If the need arises, we can even provide you with a proprietary blend of any of our private label cleaning products so that you can stock your store with a unique product not available anywhere else.

For more information on our services, or to take advantage of our private label cleaning products, give us a call for a consultation. We would love to hear from you!

Private Label Cleaning Products 

Window Cleaner

Pine Deodorant

Millenium EXP

Pink Spray Buff

Citrus Clean

Enzyme Digestant

Hot Stripper

Heavy Duty Degreaser

Lemon Neutral Cleaner

Hygea Natural offers its private label cleaning products to businesses looking to solidify their brand’s image using environmentally friendly and non toxic cleaning products.  We have a complete line of private label janitorial supplies, and are always available to assist our customers as they develop and establish a private brand of their own!

The Hygea Natural Private Label Cleaning Products:

  • Citrus Clean

  • Pine Deodorant

  • Lemon Neutral Cleaner

  • Pink Spray Buff

  • Window Cleaner

  • Enzyme Digestant

  • Heavy Duty Degreaser

  • Hot Stripper

  • Millenium EXP

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Private Label Cleaning Products 

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Private Label Cleaning Products Include:

Face Masks

Help fight the spread of viruses.


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Hygea Natural is a world leader in environmentally safe cleaning and extermination products. Each cleaning or extermination product is put through a rigorous testing cycle to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

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