The Hygea Natural pet shampoo is sure to create a luxurious bath time experience for any pet. Our naturally concentrated formula will leave your dog perfectly fresh and clean no matter what kind of mess they’ve made, but is gentle enough to be relaxing, enjoyable, and safe for regular use.


Hygea Natural never uses harsh chemicals in any of our products. Our pet shampoos are made of soothing ingredients that are perfectly pH balanced for a dog’s skin. It is dye and petroleum free, and will leave your pet’s fur shiny, soft, and smelling great.


Our pet shampoo comes in three different varieties. The Buddy Shampoo for male dogs has a gentle musk fragrance, the Gorgeous shampoo for female dogs has a light floral scent. All of our pet shampoos are safe for puppies 12 weeks or older, and are sure to make bath time enjoyable for pets and owners alike.

Directions: Begin by giving your dog a quick rinse. Next, apply the Hygea Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo in the areas with the most dirt first, like the feet or the belly. The dog’s head should be last. Work up a good lather for several minutes to ensure a thorough wash.

Oatmeal Pet Shampoo (16oz)

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