Pet product and supplies research and development is a vital component of creating your very own product. Wheither you are in need of research and development help, or are interested in also having us manfacture your pet product line, we are here to help. Hygea Natural is a manfacturere with a brilliant team and laboratory that handles all of the pet product and supplies R&D as a part of our manufacturing services.


Hygea Natural currently manufactures and supplies a line of private label pet products available to anyone looking to establish their own brand using out formula. However, for clients looking to have a completely original product in their inventories, we are more than happy to assist with all aspects of pet product and supplies R&D - whatever it takes to get the ball rolling! We offer proprietary formalas, meaning you will be the only client that we can sell the formula you want us to develop to.

Pet Product Supplies Research And Development (R&D)

If you want to create a fresh pet product for your pet care brand, Hygea Natural is for you. Our pet product and supplies research and development are perfect for designing a unique product to start off or complete a pet care product line. Apart from our private label and wholesale services, we are able to do any research needed to get development started and bring your idea to life.


During the pet product R&D stage, it is important to know exactly who your market is, your competitors, and of course the exact specifications you will need for the product you intend to manufacture. Hygea Natural offers our private label services to all levels of businesses, and we understand that not everyone has the resources available to dedicate to figuring these things out. Let our team do the legwork for you, and together we can get your product off the ground!


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Current Pet Supplies R&D Products:

Catnip infused Bath Wipes
Musk Dog Shampoo
Floral Dog Shampoo
Pet Stain & Odor Remover

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Sensitive Skin Dog Shampoo

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