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Hygea Natural was created by Home Clean Home™ in the wake of a bed bug epidemic across the New York City area.


After witnessing the side effects of the harsh bed bug chemicals on the market, Home Clean Home™ commissioned a world class team of entomologists to develop a non toxic, eco-friendly, natural solution to equip pest extermination and cleaning teams.

These products were developed in conjunction with Hygea Natural's industry experts with over 20 years experience in providing natural pest control solutions and bed bug treatment in their bed bug extermination services by BedBug911.


The extensive cleaning background in Home Clean Home (HCH) and the expertise in bed bug extermination and pest control services at Bedbug911, gave Hygea Natural the expertise and knowledge needed to manufacture one of the most effective products for bed bug extermination, heavy  duty cleaning, and pest control. 


In May 2015, Hygea Natural won the Best Exporter of the Year award by the Small Business Administration.


The complete line of bed bug treatment products includes: bed bug extermination products, bed bug spray, mattress encasements, vapor steamers, and other cleaning products can be found at leading retail chains and wholesale distributors worldwide.

Our Philosophy at Hygea Natural is that every product we manufacture should be safe for our clients and the environment. For this reason, we are an eco-friendly manufacturer and supplier. All of our products are made of green, natural ingredients that are non-toxic, and safe for kids and pets.


At Hygea Natural, we believe in natural solutions for pest control. Our philosophy was shaped when we paired up with our sister company, BedBug911, to create a line of bedbug treatments that were safe to their clients who had respiratory health issues, during a time when no other such products existed. The goal was to develop a safe product that was 100% effective. We succeeded.


As the bed bug epidemic of the late 2000s soared, there was a call to action to bring back harmful pesticides that were banned by the EPA because many of the products on the market were not yielding results. We discovered that bedbugs were developing immunity to many chemicals, which made finding natural ingredients that the bedbugs could not resist an even more important part of the Hygea Natural philosophy. Customer safety and satisfaction became our #1 priority.


The Hygea Natural bedbug extermination product line quickly rose in popularity around the world. Becoming a global supplier meant the Hygea Natural philosophy became just as much about convenient and sound business practices as it was about customer satisfaction. We now include private labeling, wholesale, and drop shipping to exterminators and the hospitality industry around the world, as well as online retailers. We believe that what is good for our clients is good for us, and we strive to achieve excellence in all of the services we provide.


Our philosophy is the driving force of our business, and we firmly believe that it is what makes Hygea Natural so successful. We are leaders in our industry, and seek out innovative ways to keep raising the bar in excellence every day. 

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Hygea Natural is a world leader in environmentally safe cleaning and extermination products. Each cleaning or extermination product is put through a rigorous testing cycle to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

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