Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment


Hygea Natural manufactures and distributes the most effective bed bug treatment in the bed bug extermination industry. Our complete line of products is everything you will need to get rid of bed bugs, and make them stay gone.


24 oz Bed Bug Spray: The Hygea Natural 24 oz Bed Bug Spray is the most important product to have in your arsenal - no bed bug treatment is complete without it. This spray is non-toxic, scent-free, and stain-free, which means it’s safe to use in the house, around children, pets, and people with respiratory health conditions. It is 100% effective against bed bugs, and can eliminate them on contact, exterminating up to 90% of infestation within just seconds.



Bed Bug Laundry Detergent: The Hygea Natural bed bug laundry detergent is made of a fabric-safe version of our 100% effective bed bug spray, to eliminate all traces of bed bug infestation in the laundry. Using the bed bug laundry detergent in combination with the Hygea Natural bed bug extermination spray will put you well on your way to the most effective bed bug treatment.


Mattress Encasement: Designed to prevent bed bugs from entering or escaping the Hygea Natural mattress encasement is a must have when facing a bed bug extermination. Not only can it prevent bed bugs from infesting mattresses and box springs when used properly, but it can help keep the bed safe during bed bug extermination as well.

1 Gallon Refill: If you are looking to do your own bed bug extermination, we strongly reccomend stocking up on the 1 Gallon bed bug spray refil to ensure your supply does not run dry. Our refill bottle is used to refill all our spray bottles of our bed bug treatment products.


3 Oz Travel Spray: Our powerful spray is also available in a convenient 3 oz travel bed bug spray sized bottle. It should be used in public places, such as movie theatres, airplanes, waiting rooms, or on public transportation. The formula is odorless and stainless and can be used on all water safe surfaces.


To maximize the use of our products, and ensure that you’ve got access to the most effective bed bug treatment possible, make sure you’re performing a DIY bed bug extermination effectively. Learn more about tips on bed bug extermination.

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