How to Prepare for Bed Bug Extermination

How to Prepare for Bed Bug Extermination with Clutter Removal:

Just as with bed bugs clutter removal, bed bug laundry should be kept in clear plastic recycling bags. As you will most likely be keeping your personal items quarantined in bags from your property for at least two weeks after bed bug extermination, it is best to keep your clothing in clear plastic bags so that you can see everything clearly. Make sure to keep these bags closed at all times, and to seal them up immediately after taking something out of them. Keep clean clothes and dirty clothes in separate bags, and do another load of bed bug laundry as needed.

After you’ve completed the first step of preparing for a bed bug extermination and eliminated clutter from the property, it’s time to do some bed bug laundry. Doing bed bug laundry means you’re killing bed bugs in the washing machine, and it is a great way to apply a bed bug treatment to delicate washable items.  Our sister company, BedBug911, offers a bed bug laundry pickup & drop off service to make this step easier. However, if you’d like to do the bed bug laundry yourself, see the tips below.

How To Prepare for Bed Bug Extermination | Step Two

Bed Bug Laundry

  1. Sort washable items based on which temperatures they can withstand

  2. Load your things into the washing machine and select the temperature

  3. Add the Hygea Natural Bed Bug Laundry Detergent to the machine

  4. Wash the bed bug laundry & sort it to be dried

  5. Place your clean laundry into the dryer at the highest possible temperature

  6. Put your now bedbug-free laundry into fresh clear plastic bags and seal them

What You’ll Need:
  1. Clear Plastic Recycling Bags

  2. A Washing Machine and Dryer

  3. The Hygea Natural Bed Bug Laundry Detergent

Bed Bug Laundry:
Bed Bug Prep Method:

Adding the Hygea Natural Bed Bug Laundry Detergent to a load of bed bug laundry makes killing bed bugs in the washing machine easy. Our bed bug laundry detergent is derived same 100% effective, non-toxic, scent-free, and stain-free formula as our bed bug extermination spray. It is safe for all fabric types, and can even get rid of bed bugs in cold water - perfect for applying a bed bug treatment on delicate items. Use it by itself, or with your favorite laundry detergent to get rid of bed bugs in the laundry, before bed bug extermination begins.

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