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Hygea Natural makes it easy for our clients to carry and sell our mattress encasements with our worldwide drop shipping capability. We are able to drop ship anywhere in the world because we are manufacturers and distributors of products in demand on a global scale. We take pride in being able to provide our clients with the best global drop shipping services, making it that much easier for them to successfully stock and sell the mattress protectors that we manufacture. Drop shipping makes it simple for a corporate office to ensure each of the locations it oversees is fully stocked with our wholesale mattress encasements. We also cater our drop shipping services to Amazon sellers who would like to add our mattress protectors to their inventory, but do not have storage capabilities to stock and ship large quantities of product. 

​When you drop ship mattress encasements with Hygea Natural, the possibilities are endless.  As a manufacturer and distributor, Hygea Natural does its best to invest in the success of any business that carries our products, no matter the size. We drop ship our mattress encasements at competitive prices, with flexible quantity options available for wholesale purchases. Drop shipping mattress encasementswith Hygea Natural is the best way to get an online store up and running. Having Hygea Natural handle all of your drop shipping needs means you can sit back, relax, and watch the cash roll in. 

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Drop Shipping Mattress Encasements

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