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Do-It-Yourself bed bug extermination allows homeowners to take full control of their bed bug infestation problems, and save some money while doing it! Interested in learning how to do bed bug extermination? You have come to the right place. Investing in the Hygea Natural bed bug treatment products is the best way to get rid of bed bugs, so we’re providing our tried and true, exterminator-approved, methods for a successful Do-It-Yourself bed bug extermination

First, you will need to prepare. A proper bed bug prep can eliminate up to 65% of bed bugs before extermination even begins. Preparing for bed bug extermination also maximizes the effectiveness of bed bug treatment products, and reduces the risk that bed bugs come back after extermination. Check out our bed bug prep page for more information.

Next, put all washable items in the laundry, including clothings, drapes and curtains, and put one capful of our bed bug laundry detergent. Now, it’s time for the bed bug treatment products. Apply the spray all over areas where bed bugs like to hide. Make sure to inspect all possible placed bed bugs can hide including, between and underneath couch cushions, and moldings or baseboards. They might also be hiding where the edge of the carpet meets the wall, so stay sharp!


Lastly, cover mattresses and box springs with the Hygea Natural mattress encasement after they’ve been sprayed. The mattress encasement prevents bed bugs from entering or escaping the mattress, and makes them safe to sleep on. You’ll want to keep the mattress and other vulnerable items quarantined for the next two weeks, and keep an eye open for any traces of bed bugs that you might have missed. After the two weeks have passed, if you haven’t seen any more signs of bed bug infestation, you can rest easy.

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