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With all the dangers of toxic bed bug extermination chemicals, it’s no wonder there has lately been a large and growing desire among homeowners to control bed bugs naturally. However, many household remedies for bed bugs that you will find on the internet can be just as dangerous as using toxic bed bug extermination chemicals at worst, and at best, they are ineffective because bed bugs developed immunity to chemicals. The only way to control bed bugs naturally, effectively, and, most importantly, safely, is with the Hygea Natural line of bed bug treatment products.

Our 100% Natural Bed Bug Products Include:

Bed bugs can NEVER build immunity to our natural bed bug treatment products. Hygea Natural bed bug treatment products are part of a complete line of non-toxic way to control bed bugs naturally. Our bed bug sprays are safe to use around kids and pets, yet made of a powerful 100% effective formula that can eradicate bed bugs in mere seconds. To compliment our sprays, we also carry a bed bug laundry detergent that can eliminate bed bugs in the wash at any temperature as well as a mattress encasement to protect your mattress and prevent bed bugs from entering or escaping the mattress.


As an alternative, we also offer an industrial strength bed bug steamer, for exterminating bed bugs without chemicals and is typically used by exterminators. The bed bug steamer uses only water, and reaches temperatures hot enough to eliminate bed bugs on contact. When everything is said and done, the Hygea Natural mattress encasements are available to protect against future infestations.


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