Cat Bath Wipes Infused With Catnip Oil

Our cat bath wipes are infused with catnip oil, which is sure to be a hit with your feline friends. Cats hate baths, but love catnip, so by incorporating the two, we innovated a groundbreaking bath wipe. We were nominated 2018's Most Innovative Product of the Year Award. The wipes are natural, biodegradable, and safe to use on kittens 12 weeks and older.

Hygea Cat Cleaning Wipes - Premium Bathing & Grooming Cloth - Infused With Catnip Oil - Natural Ingredients & Biodegradable - Hypoallergenic - 20 Count
What Our Customers Are Saying:
-  Melanie

Our kitten has been having trouble eating, and we've had to syringe feed prescription food. These wipes contain catnip, which is a known appetite stimulant for cats. When we used them today, he then proceeded to eat a big plate of wet food on his own, slightly more than we usually have to force feed him. Highly recommend!

-  B.A Angel

No problem using on psycho cat who hates bathing

Cat did not mind being wiped down with these. I think a bath would really get the cat clean but she wouldn't hear of it so these will have to do.

-  Jeff

Great product. I had tried some other types which worked, but the catnip in these made using them on my fussy old cat a breeze!

-  Cae

Well, my boys are stoner kitties, so the scent of nip immediately got their attention. They were kind of skeptical about the bath part, though. However, after a couple of tries, they now roll over and purr, even push each other out of the way when the wipes come out!  

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