Catnip Bath Wipes

Keeps fur soft and clean; reduces dander and allergens.


Made in the USA

The Catnip Infused bath wipes are sure to be a hit with your feline friends. Cats hate baths, but love catnip; so by incorporating the two, we created the groundbreaking cat wipes.

What Our Customers Are Saying:
-  Melanie

Our kitten has been having trouble eating, and we've had to syringe feed prescription food. These wipes contain catnip, which is a known appetite stimulant for cats. When we used them today, he then proceeded to eat a big plate of wet food on his own, slightly more than we usually have to force feed him. Highly recommend!

-  B.A Angel

No problem using on psycho cat who hates bathing

Cat did not mind being wiped down with these. I think a bath would really get the cat clean but she wouldn't hear of it so these will have to do.

-  Jeff

Great product. I had tried some other types which worked, but the catnip in these made using them on my fussy old cat a breeze!

-  Cae

Well, my boys are stoner kitties, so the scent of nip immediately got their attention. They were kind of skeptical about the bath part, though. However, after a couple of tries, they now roll over and purr, even push each other out of the way when the wipes come out!  

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