Cat Bath Wipes Infused in CatNip

The Hygea Natural Cat Bath Wipes are a soothing bath time treat for cats everywhere. Never worry about the dangers of exposing your feline friend to water again! Our wipes are the best way to keep cats clean and happy, without the fuss or a fight.


Our cat bath wipes are the ideal solution for reducing cat shedding, and controlling allergens from dander. Regularly bathing your cat with the Hygea Natural cat bath wipes can also reduce the discomfort and recurrence of hairballs. The catnip infused formula ensures bathing your cat will be a breeze, and makes bath time a unique bonding experience between cats and their owners.


The wipes are biodegradable, and safe to flush down the toilet for simple disposal when bath time is over. They are safe to use regularly around the eyes and ears of cats and kittens 12 weeks or older, making caring for a cat simple and enjoyable.

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