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Bed Bug Spray Wholesale


At Hygea Natural, we manufacture and supply our bed bug spray wholesale in order to make chemical-free bed bug extermination solutions more accessible to the public. With all of the bed bug treatment products out there, very few are as safe and effective as the one Hygea Natural manufactures. Making our bed bug spray wholesale means arming everyone from homeowners to professional exterminators with the best bed bug spray available.


The Hygea Natural bed bug spray is a 100% effective, non-toxic bed bug extermination product. Our bed bug spray is safe to use around children and pets, as well as people with respiratory conditions. This stain-free, scent-free bed bug spray won’t damage any furniture or personal items during bed bug extermination, making it a highly desirable bed bug extermination product around the world.


Our wholesale bed bug spray comes in the following varieties:


  • 24 oz Exterminator Spray

  • 1-Gallon Refill

  • 3 oz Travel Spray


We supply our wholesale bed bug spray to a variety of different industries, including hotel & hospitality, exterminators, and hospitals. Instead of buying individual bed bug sprays at retail prices, purchase the wholesale bed bug spray directly from the manufacturer and save big money when providing your staff with bed bug solutions!


When you purchase wholesale bed bug spray from Hygea Natural, you are creating a business partnership that will help you and your business succeed. Retailers, Amazon sellers, and everyone in between can take advantage of our full support wholesale services, to make carrying, stocking, and selling our bed bug sprays as easy as possible.


Buy the Hygea Natural wholesale bed bug sprays and take advantage of:


  • Flexible services at competitive pricing

  • Drop shipping of our bed bug sprays worldwide

  • Private labeling and customized blends of our formula

  • Product financing and marketing assistance


At Hygea Natural, we take a personal interest in the success of all of our clients, which is why we started manufacturing and distributing our wholesale bed bug sprays in the first place. It is our mission to provide safe products to the community in the fight against the bed bug epidemic, and we want to see anyone who invests in our bed bug extermination products do well. 

Inquire with Hygea Natural online or call us at 1-212-737-8212.

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