Bed Bug Extermination Products


The best way to exterminate bed bugs is with the Hygea Natural bed bug extermination products. At Hygea Natural, we manufacture a full line of bed bug extermination products for all of your bed bug treatment needs. When used in combination with each other, the Hygea Natural bed bug treatment products create a well rounded system to get rid of bed bugs and stop them in their tracks.

24 oz Bed Bug Spray:

Made of a powerful non-toxic formula, this 100% effective bed bug exterminating spray is a must have to get rid of bed bugs. It is safe to use around children and pets, and won’t irritate those who may have respiratory complications, yet powerful enough to stop bed bugs on contact. This scent-free, stain-free bed bug solution won’t damage anything in your home, either, making it perfect for DIY and professional bed bug exterminators alike.


Bed Bug Laundry Detergent:

Perfect for bed bug prep, the Hygea Natural bed bug laundry detergent can eliminate all traces of bed bugs and bed bug infestation from washable items. Good in both hot and cold temperatures, adding our bed bug laundry detergent from the wash cycle will safely eradicate bed bugs and their eggs in the wash.

1 Gallon Refill:

Don’t run out of bed bug treatment products in the middle of a bed bug extermination, or you may never get rid of them. Instead, pick up a bottle of the Hygea Natural 1 Gallon Refill for every 24 oz Bed Bug Spray, and send those bed bugs packing!


Mattress Encasement:

Protect your bed and yourself with the Hygea Natural bed bug protecting mattress covers. Our mattress encasements prevent bed bugs from entering or escaping the bed, as well as protecting against stains from blood, urine, or other liquids. Use the Hygea Natural mattress covers to prevent bed bug infestation, or to keep your bed clean and safe during and after bed bug extermination.


3 oz Travel Bed Bug Spray:

The Hygea Natural 3 oz bed bug travel spray is great as a preventative measure, and can be quite useful in the effort to stop bed bugs from coming back after extermination. It is made of the same effective formula as our 24 oz travel spray, but in a convenient to carry, smaller bottle for bed bug prevention on the go. 

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Hygea Natural is a world leader in environmentally safe cleaning and extermination products. Each cleaning or extermination product is put through a rigorous testing cycle to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

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