Bed Bug Spray  Refil (1-Gallon)

Hygea Natural always makes our products available to industry professionals, which is why we decided to offer our bed bug exterminating spray as a 1-gallon refill. Our 1-gallon refill is the most economical way to buy our bed bug spray in bulk, and can be used to refill our 24oz and 3oz spray.


The 1-gallon refill is the same, best-selling formula as our 24oz and 3oz spray, just in a larger bottle - for larger jobs! This is the perfect product for exterminators, hotels, and other businesses, because it is guaranteed to last and give you the most bang for your buck. Because our bed bug extermination spray is so powerful and effective, the 1-gallon refill is best for people who plan to use the spray regularly, or for more than one round of extermination.


As with all of the products in our bed bug extermination line, the 1-gallon refill is non-toxic, scent-free, and stain-free, making it a safe product for the entire home. It can be safely applied to homes with children and pets, without exacerbating any potential respiratory conditions, or damaging furniture. This means that clients investing in our 1-gallon refill for regular use won’t have to worry about leaving unusable living spaces behind in their efforts to prevent a bed bugs infestation.

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